Nothing says security fencing like Fencemen

We are the leader in security fencing in the wider Franklin district. Our fences are available off the shelf or custom made to your requirements, from domestic boundary fencing to commercial facility fencing. Ask us for a wide range of options to keep your property secure!

Secure and Built to Last

Having well-designed security fencing can really reduce unauthorised trespassing your property. Our security fences are built from top quality materials, thus maintain security as their No.1 function. 

Choose from our range of strong and secure materials, including tubular steel, chain mesh, bollards and wire, which are capable of keeping people in, or out. Then we can help you determine a suitable height to avoid climbers too.

Well-designed and Skillfully Installed

Our fences are available in a range of colours and styles, and can be designed to look any way you like to compliment the surrounding environment. We can even deliver large scale projects in full and on time! 

Call the security fencing specialists today on 0508 86 3362

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